My Running Resolutions For a Better 2016


Well the New Year’s begun and I am sure like every year this year too you are ready with a list of resolutions. I know I have but this year rather than having out of the box resolutions that I would have no track of 4-5 months on I have decided to focus them on my running and making 2016 a better and faster year.

So here is what I decided to do this year. Get your pens, pencils and notebooks out and start noting yours too.

To smile and be friendly

I live away from home and at times it tends to get lonely and having people around who love and understand me is the best feeling and none can do it better than my running buddies. So how do you make friends?

It’s no big secret. A simple smile while running or a friendly hello is enough. Respecting your competitors can tighten bonds and help you build a community of like-minded people.

To get my family running (just like the image below)

This one is probably the most difficult one as none of them have the slightest of interest in running but running has other health benefits too like it lowers risk of heart problems, tackles high BP etc. and not everybody has to prep for a race always.


With the right encouragement anybody can be a runner. It is not about how fast or how long you run as long as you do it you are a runner.

To read more

Training and diet aside there is more to running than that. To get better you need to be focused and continue learning and nothing helps with learning better than reading. So this year I am going to spend my free hours reading about running and you should too.

I love the old traditional books so I am sticking to that. You can look for e-books. Note what inspires you and when things get tough revisit your journal.

To try something new

Well this year I want to do things differently so I have decided I am going to explore new routes. A new route every month will keep me motivated, make it more fun and give me a fresh challenge. For that you can also change your routine or switch to trails rather than roads etc. This is also a great way to end a rut. I’m planning to buy a cheap mountain bike and go on a weekend trail bike ride.


To not ignore the crash and burns

We all remember our first wins, our best laps, etc. but do you ever keep note of the bad times, the day you fell, got injured or came last? Noting your bumps and bruises and struggles will give your story a realistic view and keep you inspired.

Apart from that I am going to ease my dietary restrictions, get new shoes, socks, new gears etc. or in short start afresh.