These 5 elements helped me lose weight by running

It is great to read and hear about the quick race times, the countless victories etc. but what really inspires me is when people come up with their transformation stories and how running changed their lives. Most people take up running to achieve their weight loss goals and to help you with it today I am to share with you the 5 key elements that helped me lose weight by running.

I varied my pace

Want to burn more calories? Then run faster. Your body learns to adapt to the change in heart rate, BP, breathing etc. and thus varying your pace constantly challenges your body thus in turn burning more calories.

I love trail running. The quiet, calm and up and down variations is exactly what I need. You can also switch to tempo runs, HIIT, track workouts or fartlek runs. Learn more about running workouts in the video below.


I ate less junk

I am not telling you to give up what you love or starve yourself if you read carefully I said less rather than get rid of. Eating what you love once in a while will not do you any harm.

You neither have to throw out every junk food today. Small tweaks to your diet will help your body adjust and control your cravings. For example whenever I crave for sugar rather than cake or cookies I opt for fruits. They are sweet yet healthy.

I added more exercises

Like you know your body adapts to your daily routine and for optimum weight loss it is important you keep challenging it and just varying pace won’t always be enough this is why along with my running I added other fun activities such as swimming, volleyball and even a couple of leg exercises such as lunges, squats, push -ups etc. to my routine.


I listened to myself

Your trainer, coach etc. do not know your body like you do and it is about time you paid attention to it. Understand how your body reacts to your new diet and make changes if necessary. Keep note of what works and what doesn’t.

The same goes for your training routine. If you experience pain in your muscles or joints take a day of if needed. Rest, give it time to recover.

I started using weights

Weights, one of the most ignored elements in a runners training routine but here is why you shouldn’t make that mistake. Weight movements such as the barbell squat, leg press etc. develop your knees, ankles, hips thus helping you run longer and faster.

Add intervals of weight training to your running to avoid hitting a plateau.  It will also improve fat burning, keep away injuries and make running more fun.