Want the best Road Bike? Here’s what you shouldn’t do

road bike

With new faster, lighter and sportier road bikes making their way into the bicycle market every year you are bound to get tempted to get a new one sooner or later but beware this isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s a road littered with mistakes but to make things easier today I am going to share with you the 5 things you shouldn’t do.

Get the bike without a test ride 

You can never know how well the bike fits or how smooth is the handling or braking until and unless you take it for a spin and not just a simple ride in the parking lot but in fact a ride on the actual road. Most bike shops or manufacturers provide free demo bikes.

If possible get it on rent for a day or two. Make sure the saddle and handlebars are comfortable and adjustable, the gear and brakes aren’t too hard to reach, pedal quality is good and also how it performs on climbs and descents.

You ignore your goals

An honest advice I give to people looking for a new bike is to get a goal oriented bike. If you’re not competing avoid quick bikes and if you’re not planning to hit the trails avoid a mountain bike. Also ignore bikes that need too many modifications.

New attachments, fittings etc. often change the overall characteristics of a bike. So if you’re stuck with a one that needs too many changes I would suggest you either wait or continue to look around.

You ignore the accessories

While most of us set out a budget for a new bike we often forget about the numerous accessories we need along with the bike for a relaxing and safe ride.

Most manufacturers include a floor pump, extra tubes, levers etc. as a package deal but even if they cost a couple of extra bucks they remain a must buy.  Apart from that also look for new lights, a helmet, pair of shorts etc.

You buy it for the offer

If the bike you’ve tested isn’t the right model or does not provide the comfort or features you’re wanting then avoid purchasing it simply because of the offer or bargained price. Your road bike is an investment and the right choice will last you for years. If you’re not sure what’s the best one for you then BodyGearGuide’s has a complete road bike review roundup for you.

If you take your rides seriously you’ll end up spending 2-3 hours on it and thus being comfortable is important even if it means waiting a couple of months for the right fit or model.

You ignore custom made bikes  

In case you are a pro and unable to find a bike that best fits your requirements and features I would suggest you opt for a custom built bike. Get in touch with a dealer, share with him the measurements, past experiences, likes, dislikes, color you’d prefer etc.

Make sure the dealer shares images and constant updates with you. Though slightly expensive it’s the ideal way to get the perfect bike fit.

5 Things I have learnt about running that nobody tells


Simply put I love running and after 7 years of actively participating in short races, marathons etc. my love for running remains the same the only difference being I am a lot more experienced and wiser now and today I am going to share with you some things I learnt with time, stuff nobody will tell but which will help you become a better and accomplished runner especially if you are beginner.

Work hard but don’t forget to rest

Yes I work hard, extremely hard but in midst of that I lay equal emphasis on my recovery as well and so should you. All runners should preferably sleep for 8-10 hours at night and an hour in the afternoon after your training.

Spend time with your family and friends; take a holiday every now and then. You need to rest both physically and mentally to keep off injuries.

Eat more but eat well



A good diet has always been an important part of my training routine and it does not always mean reducing your consumption or stopping foods you love. A few add-ons and a couple of changes is all you need.

Know how much you run and eat accordingly but always eat fresh and switch to whole foods. This will help you fuel up and at the same time prevent extra weight gain.

Explore other sources of refueling

We all know how our mental state affects our body. Your will, inner strength etc. too help improve your race times. Proper mental conditioning is not as tough as you might think. I have learnt that small things such as a smile or exploring new places are enough to lift spirits.

Be around people that make you happy, keep you motivated and let not your happiness be dominated by only your success. Find happiness in even the smallest of victories and achievements.

Ignore haters, find people that support you

Is your life full of relatives or friends telling you your making a big mistake and running isn’t the sort of thing for you? This is often the reason most beginners quit but my advice would be to ignore such people.

There are a whole lot of good things waiting for you and you are not alone either. Get in touch with running groups, participate in or at least visit marathons or other races to meet more like minded people.


Always have goals

You maybe 23 now and might have 10s or 100s of goals but in some years you will be 40-45 and that is no reason to not have any goals. As you may have heard age is just a number. Always have goals and always strive to improve, break records etc.

Keep up your fitness levels and when it gets tough and trust me it does, dig deep and keep moving forward. It is easier to quite but more rewarding not too.