These 5 food add-ons will help you run better

Did you know a supermarket often holds more than 50,000 items and yet you look no further than the 15-20 items you need which is good but are those healthy choices? Items that will help you run better, fuel you up well, increase stamina, cook easily etc. If not I am going to tell you about 5 things that must be there in your shopping cart next time. These are the perfect diet add-ons for all types of runners.


For proteins I always choose eggs. Egg protein has amino acid which helps muscles recover better after a long, fast run. Vitamin K in eggs protects bones while choline is known to improve memory and lutein, important for clear vision.

Omega 3 eggs help deal better with cholesterol and heart diseases. Whether boiled, scrambled or poached, egg is equally healthy in all forms. It can also be added to soups, sandwiches, rolls etc.




Whole wheat foods

Switching to whole wheat breads, pastas, cereals etc. is probably the best health decision you can take irrespective of whether you run or not. Whole wheat products are rich sources of fiber and proteins.

They make the ideal breakfast foods. Combining them with eggs, nuts or yogurt will provide you the perfect kickass breakfast you need for the long day ahead.




Eating almonds 5 times a week will provide you enough vitamin E. It is also one of the few great antioxidants readily available and is also known to reduce cholesterol, lower risk of heart problems and gamma-tocopherol found in this nut fights cancer.

Almonds can be added to salads, pasta or your morning cereal to add some crunch. Almond spreads are equally effective. Store the nuts in jars away from sunlight or simply freeze them.



Sweet Potatoes

For vitamin A the best source is sweet potato. It is a strong antioxidant too and also contains Vitamin C, potassium, iron, and the rare minerals such as manganese and copper. Lack of manganese and copper negatively impacts your running as they it directly affects body functioning.

Sweet potatoes taste best either boiled or baked. Add some chilies, cheese, toppings to it or just throw them into your soup. They are also ideal for fries and wedges. Avoid refrigerating them.sweet potato



Love fruits? Don’t forget to pick oranges next time. For trail runners oranges are the ideal food as it lowers muscles soreness. They are great antioxidants and sources of vitamin C.  It contains hesperidin which also reduces cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Fruit salad is the best way to consume oranges. You can also squeeze the juice or use the zest to make sauces which goes really well with chicken or duck.  Hesperidin also helps with baking. Choose hard and heavy oranges and store in fridge to maintain freshness.