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Hi guys and welcome to As the name suggests this site is all about running. Whether you run short races, marathons or run just to stay fit this is the place to be.

I am Angela from Cincinnati, US and I am here to tell you all about the site. At racing paradise our aim is to help you run better, faster and get fitter. So we have after extensive research and expert advice have covered for you tips, tricks, guides to help you with running.

You can also find diet related tips. Diet plays an equal role as your training and thus cannot be ignored. You can also check out my running resolution for 2016. I know maintaining resolutions is not easy to maintain but nobody said it was going to be easy and thus it is worth the effort and time you will put in.

We at racing paradise also want to hear from you. So if you recently won a race or managed to lose that extra 5 pounds through running then write to us your story. There is nothing more encouraging than real life stories. Share with us your photos, training videos and you might also feature on our site/

In case you have hit a bump or are facing any other kind of issue with your training you can write to us too. We love the chance of helping our readers. Also feel free to send in your feedback and complaints.